Kahuku Ranch

Kahuku Ranch is one of the most scenic working Hawaiian ranches

Hundreds of acres of verdant pasture and well-fed livestock, lava fields just over the Pali down to the endless Pacific at historic Waiahukini, Kahuku Ranch is a great palce for your Hawaii vacation.

The ranch village, the rural luxury of the extensive main Ranch House with its wonderful ocean and land views, the mysterious Lua and the clear air of the trades or the sea breeze - all of this captures the essence and spirit of old Hawaii at incredible Kahuku Ranch at South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii.


The position of the "Main Ranch" is geographically striking as it sits on the edge of the Pali and overlooks the lava fields of the SW Rift Zone of Mauna Loa, the largest "mountain mass" in the world. The formation of the cliffs, Pali O Mamalu and Pali O Kulani is an important part of the unique beauty and attraction of this incredible Kahuku

Around 10,000 years ago, the "Alika" Submarine Slip occurred in the ocean north of South Point which resulted in the land north of the Ranch subsiding to form the Pali that today makes the area so appealing. Some time after that and well before the arrival of the first Polynesians in the area, the Lua were formed possibly due to the original subsidence. They do not appear to ever have been eruptive sites.

The Pali and the ranch's position east of the rift zone largely protect it from inundation. It also provides the spectacular ocean and pastoral views available from virtually every part of the property.

As the southernmost part of the US, South Point is a spectacular and significant landmark in its own right and an intriguing location for the property.

Incredible Kahuku has a rich and long history.

The first Polynesian explorer/settlers arrived in this general area. Waiahukini Bay directly below Kahuku Ranch is believed to be a likely landing site as carbon dating puts settlement patterns there at the time of these early Polynesians. Kamehameha spent a portion of his youth there and later won the right of succession to the High Chief Kalaniopuu who died at Waiahukini in 1782.

All travelers between Kona and the windward side of the island in Hawaiian and more recent times passed through the area or transferred from canoes to land at Waiahukini. Cook, Menzies, Ellis, Lyman, Mark Twain are just a few of the early Western explorers and settlers who passed that way. Even after the eruption, earthquake and tsunami of 1868, the many travelers so influential in the history of the Islands passed through the lands of Kahuku.

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Kahuku Ranch

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Kahuku Ranch

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